Tints and Re-shape

An eyelash tint or eyebrow shape is a perfect way to enhance your eyes and frame your face. You will have instantly beautiful eyes!

Please note a patch test is always required if you have not had an eyelash tint before or have had one done elsewhere, this is for your safety.

Eyelash tint
  30 mins   £14.00
Eyebrow tint   20 mins   £10.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tint   30 mins   £19.00
Eyebrow Re-shape (using wax or tweezers)   20 mins   £13.00
Eyebrow tidy (using lycon wax or tweezers)   15 mins   £9.00
Eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape   30 mins   £15.00
Chelsea brow/magic brow application   15 mins   £5.00
Chelsea brow/magic brow application (when booked with another eye treatment)     15 mins   Plus £2

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions using 'Mink' lashes provide length and thickness to your natural lashes, they look completely natural and feel just like your own lashes.

You can have them as a one off or have them maintained to give you constant beautiful lashes. The application takes approximatly 1.5 hours for a stunning finish!

Pleae note, a glue test is required 48 hrs prior to first application.

Lash extensions - full set
  1 hr    30 mins   £50
Lash extensions - topup   30 mins   £30
Lash extensions - maintenance*   30 mins  to   1 hr   £40

* Maintenance is usually carried out after 2 to 3 weeks, we remove some old lashes and clean and replace with new lashes giving you the full voluptuous look you achieved at the start.

Maintenance should be carried out when you have no less than 60% of lashes remaining on each eye.