Swedish body massage involves different types of touch, pressure and flowing movements applied to the skin and underlying tissues to release muscular tension, relieve pain, facilitate healing from injury, alleviate stress, relax the body and enhance wellbeing.

Full body massage   1 hr   £45.00
Back, neck and shoulder massage   30 mins   £28.00
Face, neck and shoulder massage   30 mins   £28.00
Foot and leg massage   50 mins   £36.00


All treatments commence with an initial complimentary consultation in which you will be asked to give details of your current state of health, lifestyle and medical history. All consultations are strictly private and confidential.

If you are receiving treatment from a doctor or have a serious medical condition you should consult your G.P. to check your suitability for all Massage treatments. If you are taking homoeopathic medicines, please consult your homoeopath prior to receiving Aromatherapy treatment.

Please allow 10 minutes for initial consultation prior to treatment.

Please note: A one-off treatment will give good benefits but the effects of all the treatments are cumulative and a course of regular treatments will give noticeably better results.